Respect The Gestures: With Japanese exchange students arriving March 20, students, teacher explain some barriers when interacting with foreign cultures

German teacher Angelika Becker shows her antique German houses and specifically points out the clock present inside the structure. Becker said moving to America was hard because of the language divide that she had to face everyday.

Angela Qian

February 22, 2019

Last summer, junior Christian Peasley spent 21 days in Japan with a host family through the Japanese foreign exchange program. He was fully immersed in the culture, despite having known next to nothing about the country just a few years earlier. The over 30-year-old program is a partnership with our siste...

Merry Christkindlmarkt: Carmel continues German Christmas tradition as it opens its first Christkindlmarkt

Merry Christkindlmarkt: Carmel continues German Christmas tradition as it opens its first Christkindlmarkt

Karen Zhang

November 17, 2017

Starting tomorrow, the smell of gingerbread, sweet roasted almonds, bratwurst and Glühwein will mix with the crisp cold air and winter in Carmel will never be the same. According to Maria Murphy, CEO and Market Master, Carmel will host the first of what she hopes will be annual Christkindlmarkt, w...

Studying abroad hosts benefits in the job market

A view of an old chateau undergoing restoration


August 13, 2014

Last summer, senior Madeleine Leonard flew halfway across the world, stepped into the home of her new family and was unable to speak English for two months. As a participant in the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL), Leonard decided to travel to France to fully immerse herself in...

German students to attend Staatskongress on Feb. 15


February 12, 2014

On Feb. 15, German students will be attending the annual German student competition, Staatskongress, at Ball State University. According to Mariam Aziz, vice president of the Indiana Association of Students of German (IASG) and junior, German students from all over Indiana participate in the event, which...

German exchange students visit for next three weeks

Junior Emily Cornwell (left) and Cathleen Schmalfuss (right), the German exchange student who Cornwell hosts, talk to each other during lunch. Both Cornwell and Schmalfuss hope to improve in German and English, respectively, during the exchange. SARAH LIU / PHOTO

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October 7, 2013

Eighteen exchange students from Hohen Neuendorf, Germany, will be staying with host students from this school for three weeks, according to German teacher Angelika Becker. Becker and the two teachers from Germany, Jana Gerschner and Tatjana Gruebler, said the students will go sightseeing and get to know...

Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages gives students opportunities to study abroad


October 2, 2013

The selection process for the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL) is in the process of reviewing student applications to participate in its study abroad program. While the deadline for the applications was on Sept. 29, students participating in the program will begin the selection...

World language teachers say being bicultural broadens perspectives


February 15, 2013

Besides teaching world languages at this school, German teacher Angelika Becker and Spanish teacher Norma Schehl have something else in common: They both grew up speaking a language other than English in small towns not within the United States. “I think that growing up in one country and then living i...

World language department plans for upcoming freshmen Activities Fair


August 29, 2012

The world language department is preparing its stalls for the freshmen Activities Fair on Aug. 31. According to Angelika Becker, world language department chair, the world language department will sponsor activity stalls for the world language clubs. The clubs participating in the fair will include...

German students look forward to language competition Feb. 25


February 24, 2012

German students are looking forward to a language competition held at Ball State Univeristy all day on February 25. “It’s a big competition. There’s usually over 500 people there. You do workshops that get you more involved with the German culture. The competitions can include baking, power...

World language students prepare to celebrate Mardi Gras


February 17, 2012

The French and German students prepare to celebrate Mardi Gras the Thursday before it begins, and they also plan to celebrate Rose Monday. “The German Mardi Gras is called Karneval. It began when the women in Germany would take over in major German cities like Ainz and celebrate,” Angelika Becke...

German students to take National Testing starting Jan. 9


January 7, 2012

The German II-V classes prepare to take the National Testing exam from Jan. 9 to 20. The exam is taken nationwide on the same weeks for German students, according to Angelika Becker, world language department chair and German teacher. “This test allows teachers to see who the best students are...

CHS German teacher wins “Best of Indiana” award

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January 20, 2011

In November, CHS German teacher Angelika Becker won the “Best in Indiana” award for her presentation at the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association’s annual conference. At the conference, 80 presentations were giving regarding the best way to teach foreign languages. “We gave a presentation...