World language department plans for upcoming freshmen Activities Fair


The world language department is preparing its stalls for the freshmen Activities Fair on Aug. 31.

According to Angelika Becker, world language department chair, the world language department will sponsor activity stalls for the world language clubs. The clubs participating in the fair will include French Club, Spanish Club and German Club.

According to Becker, most of the work involved in preparing stalls for the Activities Fair will lie with the club sponsors. “The club sponsors do all of the work for the fair,” Becker said. “The students talk with the freshmen and try to get them to join the club.” For most stalls, Becker says that most of the teachers make their own signs and posters.

Senior Brynna Webb, who is working at the French Club stall during the Activities Fair, said she is excited for the fair. “We will tell stories and about field trips to get freshmen interested about the club,” Webb said. According to Webb, French Club will be handing out candy to freshmen in order to get them to join. Webb said she believes world language clubs are a fun way for students to learn about other cultures. “World language clubs make culture learning fun and social.”