Carmel Connects Club to meet Jan. 23 to select and train future leaders


Carmel Connects Club plans to meet Jan. 23 in Room F104 to select leaders for the next school year according to Margaret Winans, Carmel Connects Club sponsor.

“We are starting to get ready for next year by choosing new club leaders. We plan on training them to make sure they understand our process to the fullest extent,” Levi Kiser, Carmel Connects Club president and senior, said.

To promote net literacy, Carmel Connects Club repairs and reimages Carmel Clay Schools’ previously used computers and donates them to people and groups in need. According to Kiser, the foundation of their success is based on strong leadership.

According to Winans, the best way to ensure the success of new leaders is to have them trained by their predecessors.

“We are looking for the members who have put in the most commitment and have the most experience,” Kiser said. “We want to make sure that the selected leaders can answer all questions and are well prepared.”