Carmel Connects Club to meet Feb. 13 in Room F104


During their next meeting on Feb. 13 in Room F104, Carmel Connects Club members plan on creating a foundation for other programs to use as well as for upcoming years, according to sponsor Margaret Winans. Members have begun writing down their process for other schools to utilize, in addition to their usual routine of reimaging and repurposing computers.

“Our process this year is very effective, so passing it on to future years is in a way is insuring their success as well,” Levi Kiser, club president and senior, said.

Carmel Connects Club meets every Monday morning in Room F104 to repurpose and re-image computers for Net Literacy, an organization that promotes computer awareness. As senior members graduate, the club wants to make sure their developments are not lost, Winans said.

“Since we are doing something new this year, we thought it would be a good idea to share our progress with other schools with the same goal,” Winans said.