Coquettes performing at lacrosse games, Charisma tryouts in May


Now that the Coquettes basketball season has ended, Coquettes members will begin to perform at men’s lacrosse games.

Sarah Wolff, sponsor and coach of Coquettes, said, “I look forward to the men’s lacrosse season, since it will allow the girls to get some practice for the Charisma season in May.”

Wolff said that it will help the Coquettes get ready for the Charisma season since Charisma members perform on a field, which is a very different surface and setting than the hardwood floors that the Coquettes are used to. The field will also allow the Coquettes to perform more difficult moves.

Emmie Buck, Coquettes member and junior also said that she looks forward to the men’s lacrosse season. Buck said, “I can’t wait to get back on the field.”

Wolff stated that tryouts for Charisma will be held in May, though the exact date is unknown.