Charisma tryouts take place May 8 and 9


According to Sarah Wolff, sponsor and coach for Coquettes and Charisma, tryouts for Charisma will take place on May 8 and 9.

The Coquettes season finally ended with the end of the basketball and lacrosse season, Wolff said.\

“This season has been phenomenal and I have seen great improvements in confidence and performance,” Wolff said.

She said that this year one third of the members were new upper classmen and that she is very proud about how much they improved despite their inexperience.

Wolff also said, “ Now that the season is over, lots of girls are getting together and practicing routines for the Charisma season.”

She added that many of the girls have their own teachers, who help them practice their routines

Emmie Buck, Coquettes member and junior, said she agrees with Wolff that the new members were able to improve a lot.

“ This was a great season,” Buck said, “and I had lots of fun working with the new members of the team.”