Carmel Connects Club to meet May 15


During their next meeting on May 15 in room F104, Carmel Connects Club members plan to wrap up their reimaging and repurposing of computers for this year. With next year’s reimaging process laid out, there are just a few final adjustments needed to be done before the end of the school year, according to sponsor Margaret Winans.

“We accomplished our goal for the club this year, which was to reimage as many computers as we possibly could for a good cause. Hopefully, we will be able to do the same next year,” Levi Kiser, club president and senior, said.

Carmel Connects Club meets every Monday morning in Room F104 to re-image computers for Net Literacy, an organization that promotes computer awareness. As this school year ends, members are trying to repurpose as many computers as possible, according to Kiser.

“Overall, we have had a productive year so we are really proud of how hard we have worked,” Kiser said.