Greyhound Connections hosts breakfast for new students


Greyhound Connections is hosting an annual breakfast for new students at 7:45 a.m. on Oct. 10. According to Victoria “Tori” Doss, Greyhound Connections co-president and senior, it will be located in Room E219.

“We typically get a really good turnout for the breakfast, so hopefully we will have a lot of new students there next Wednesday,” Doss said.

Rachel Dowley, Greyhound Connections member and junior, said that members of the club are encouraged to befriend each other in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the new students.

“Mr. Stuelpe really longs for us to have friendships beyond our normal circles and to be united as a group,” Dowley said. “This will help us be more able to reach out to the new students.”

Dowley also said she expresses hope for the club.

“I think our club really tries to preserve the concept of how Carmel High School is the Greyhound Nation,” Dowley said. “We all are greyhounds and we try to be united together not only because we go to the same school, but also because it’s the right thing to do. I feel really proud to be part of a club where people are very intentional about including others and making Carmel feel like their school.”