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“Flicks for Kicks” is a category I will update at the beginning of every week from now on. What is this category, you ask? Well, this category gives me a chance to chat about the movies I saw over the weekend. Once again, these are not formal reviews.


Kate Winslet. Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Sam Mendes (“American Beauty,” “Jarhead”). Nominated for three Academy Awards. Sounds great, right? Well, “Revolutionary Road is actually one of the biggest disappointments of the year. It basically consists of two characters (DiCaprio and Winslet) having the same argument over and OVER and OVER AGAIN. They spend the entire film bickering about the monotony of their suburban lifestyle and resenting each other for allowing one another to surrender to that monotonous routine. The only interesting thing about this film is Michael Shannon’s performance. Serving as the “voice of reason” among these characters, his portrayal is engaging and always entertainingly quirky.

I was severely disappointed by this film overall, though. I really expected it to end up being one of my favorite movies of the year.



This film follows the presidential campaign of Jack Stanton (John Travolta), a character that is clearly intended to mirror Bill Clinton. It actually focuses more heavily on Stanton’s campaign manager, Henry Burton. Although frequently charming and witty, this film is first and foremost a compelling morality tale detailing Burton’s dark descent into the conniving world of politics and his desperate struggle to wiggle his way out.