TechHOUNDS to participate in season’s final competition May 18


Carmel’s TechHOUNDS team is set to finish up their season at their final competition on May 18. The team will be competing in the state championship and hopes to win. Team leader Akash Shankar will be competing in his final TechHOUNDS competition with the school.

“I believe the entire team is feeling confident, but at the same time, nervous.” Shankar said. For the upcoming competition, the team is making little changes to the robot due to their success at past events.

At the team’s last competition on April 24-27, all teams were divided into four sections. Each section contained a hundred teams and Carmel’s TechHOUNDS won seven of their eight matches, placing fifth out of a hundred in their section. Team sponsor George Giltner said, “I’m very proud of this year. It was one of the best robots.

“It was extremely consistent the whole year.”