Choirs to prepare for the “Holiday Spectacular” concert


From Dec. 4 to 8, the choirs will be performing the annual winter concert, Holiday Spectacular, in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. Students may purchase tickets online at TickeTracker.

According to choral director Lamonte Kuskye, choirs still need to learn the choreography, and the technical crew has to rehearse. Aside from preparations needed for Holiday Spectacular, he said that during the week of the concert there is a cheery atmosphere among students.

“It’s fun; kids are so excited. Kids are getting really excited now,” Kuskye said. “(The concert) is such a tradition for so many families.”

This attitude is also reflected among many choir members. Olivia Jacko, Blue and Gold Company member and sophomore, said she is looking forward to being in the concert.

“I’m excited. It should be fun because I’ve never been in ‘Holiday Spec’ before,” Jacko said. Jacko said her favorite part of the winter concert is getting to sing holiday music.

After the season of “Holiday Spectacular” has passed, there will be a choral concert in March, as well as auditions for the spring musical “Grease.”