Transportation department prepares for winter, advises students to stay safe


The transportation department has begun plugging the buses in at night due to the colder temperatures, according to Ron Farrand, director of facilities and transportation.

“There’s not a lot of differences (with winter compared to other seasons) other than the bus drivers starting a little earlier to make sure windows are defrosted. When it hits around freezing or below, we plug our buses in to prevent the fuel oil from getting thick and burning into the engines,” Farrand said. “If we have snow on the ground, the bus drivers probably start out a little earlier.”

Also, with the weather below freezing, safety can be more of a concern than it is in other seasons. While buses are the safest form of transportation, it is important to be at the bus stop on time, according to Farrand.

Farrand said, “Roads can be slick, so it’s always important that the students are at the bus stop on time and not running to the bus stop at the last minute. That’s the most unsafe thing that they could be doing.”

Lucy Wright, frequent bus rider and freshman, said she agrees that winter can come with more safety hazards, but students are often thinking of other things as well. “It’s important for students to be more careful in the winter, especially since it’s easier to slip. Plus, it’s harder for buses to stop especially when the road gets iced over,” Wright said. “I also think that a main concern for students is to be warm since a lot of students sleep on the bus, and it’s more enjoyable if they are able to sleep without freezing.”