Choirs to prepare for concerts in March


After Holiday Spectacular, the choirs have begun preparing for their concert in March, according to choral director Lamonte Kuskye.

Palmer Tweedy, Allegro member and sophomore, said he is relieved that Holiday Spectacular is over.

“I’m happy that it’s not as rigorous anymore, and it’s a better feeling now that we got it over with. We only have two more concerts left,” he said.

According to Kuskye, the second semester is even busier and filled with many different projects, such as musical auditions for “Grease” in February.

“Everything’s about preparation ahead of time. My planning for second semester started a year ago. Now it’s just doing it, but the huge things are the Europe trip and the musical,” Kuskye said.

Kuskye said that with the many different events the choirs are practicing for right now, the concert in March will be a big one.

He said, “It is really more of a stand-up, classical in nature concert.”