Spring Art Show plans underway

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Art department prepares for show as well as waiting for the CAC awards

Art department chair Jen Davis said the Spring Art Show is to take place May 7 through 10 and will be located in the lobby outside the Dale E. Graham Auditorium.

“Basically it’s open to anyone at anytime, although we plan it to open on the same night as the opening night of the musical, so that more people come see it,” Davis said.

Davis said that because Carmel did not participate in the Scholastics Art Competition this year, that the Carmel Art’s Council (CAC) is considering awarding monetary prizes to students who demonstrate exemplary talent and hard work in their pieces.

“They probably won’t be worth much money, but it’s mostly just recognition for students. Being considered and a small monetary prize is exciting for students,” Davis said.

Davis said that Joyce Burrell, member of the CAC, spoke with Davis about possible awards for students involved in the show to be given by the CAC.

“We wanted to represent every content area and grade level, so that all students had an equal opportunity to be recognized. She was going to present it to the (CAC) and I haven’t heard back from her yet so we’re at a standstill until we get the final okay,” Davis said.

Mark Kremer, AP Studio Art student and junior, said he participated in the show last year and plans to again this year.

“I’m not sure what’s going into the show this year, but I think it would be really nice to get recognized. The money would be great, but just knowing that you were chosen (by the Carmel Art’s Council) is exciting,” Kremer said.

Davis said that teachers are starting to gather pieces for the show, although no decisions have been made on what is going to be considered for reward.

Kremer said this type of recognition from the CAC would be meaningful not only to him, but potentially helpful for this future.

“I’m considering applying to colleges for architecture and it’s nice to have (awards) like this to put on your application. Especially the (students) in my AP Studio Art class would appreciate this because I know a lot of us are starting to look at schools,” Kremer said.

Davis said that she should hear back from the CAC soon on whether or not they will be giving awards for pieces at the Spring Art Show. If so, they ask the teachers pick out the best work to be considered.

“First they ask the teachers to take a look at the students work and then we will submit pieces depending on the number of awards they decide to give. We might send in six or eight of the most successful and then the (Carmel Art’s Council) make the final vote,” Davis said.

According to Davis, the CAC has been “really good through the years. They’ve supported us whenever they can.”

What you might see

  • photography
  • ceramics
  • jewelry
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • computer graphic
  • 2D and 3D pieces

By the numbers

  • About 500-1000 pieces displayed
  • Beginning and advanced classes displayed
  • Display runs for about four to five days