All For A Cure club to meet on Feb. 11


The next All For A Cure club meeting will be on Feb. 11. Co-presidents Joie Li and Ally Pomevero will present fundraising plans for the clubs main fundraiser, Pennies For Patients. Pennies For Patients is a fundraiser that raises money for children with lymphoma and leukemia. Last year, All For A Cure club raised $750 for the Pennies For Patients and are hoping on topping that this year.

“Last week Ally and I went to a Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraising meeting. We talked with the people who are heading the Pennies For Patients Fundraiser. They gave us ideas on what to do and how much money we should raise, basically just the technical details. We got some materials and supplies for them” said Li.

At the previous meeting, there was a bit of a communication mix up. Because there are two presidents, Li said, “Sometimes communication gets mixed up and isn’t efficient.” Only three people showed up at the meeting, including the two presidents.

Li and Pomevero plan on sending out notifications earlier to increase communication. Without a large turnout, the Pomevero and Li were not able to tell everyone about the new fundraising ideas. On February 11th, Pomevero and Li hope to have a larger turnout.

Before winter break, the club filmed their Layup For Lauren fundraising video. The video shows club members spinning three times and then shooting a basket with their non dominant hand. Although their was someone editing the video, the person graduated early. Now Li is trying to find someone to edit the video so they can submit it and show it on the video announcements.

Club Sponsor Tungfen Lee said, “I am excited to see what All For a Cure is going to do.”