Kids’ Corner members prepare to work with preschoolers


Student teachers of Kids’ Corner are currently learning how to work with the preschoolers of Kids’ Corner. According to Kim Lenzo, director of Kids’ Corner, the preschool will be open this semester on Sept. 29 and will operate until the week of final examinations.

Lenzo said 14 student teachers are enrolled in the Kids’ Corner course for the first semester of school, and about 14 preschoolers will attend Kids’ Corner. According to Lenzo, normally 25 to 30 student teachers enroll in the Kids’ Corner course.

“I’m excited with a smaller number—I like any number—but they’re going to get more teaching experience,” Lenzo said.

In order to prepare for the preschoolers’ arrival, the student teachers are learning skills necessary to work with the preschoolers. According to Lenzo, Jim Ginder from the Health Department of Hamilton County will train the student teachers in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid and EpiPens for infants to adults on Sept. 3.

Lenzo said the student teachers have learned how to work as a team, and they are also currently working on preparing the curriculum for the preschoolers by reading about the importance of preschool education and about learning styles and how they relate to preschoolers; the members have also made a brochure to promote preschool education.

The student teachers are currently using planning books to brainstorm for the preschool’s themes of each week’s lessons.

Caroline “Carrie” Bankston, student teacher for Kids’ Corner and senior, said, “We have a theme for each week, so we’re about to start planning on that and taking votes on what we want to do for the themes.”

Bankston said she has thought of several ideas for themes.

“We went to the computer lab and looked up some stuff, and everything I found was really just cute kid stuff: circus, zoo, there’s a whole week for Halloween stuff, Thanksgiving, like a beach theme, stuff like that,” Bankston said.

Bankston said she is excited to teach the preschoolers.

“I’m excited. I guess I’m excited because I like to work with kids,” Bankston said. “I think they’re fun. They make me laugh.”