PSAT Day Changes for Seniors



Hand completing a multiple choice exam.


Underclassmen will be taking the PSAT on Oct. 14, and seniors have been given options to do various activities that day. Seniors can choose to:

  1. Participate in an official college visit that they arrange themselves.
  2. Participate in a service/volunteer experience that they arrange themselves.
  3. Participate in an internship, job shadow, or other work experience that they arrange themselves.
  4. Report to CHS at 7:50 a.m. and choose from one of the following four options:
    1. Participate in a College Essay Writing presentation/workshop & Finding Your Perfect College Fit presentation.
    2. Participate in a College Application work session where they will have access to counselors who can answer questions.
    3. Participate in an “I’m Undecided” major/career exploration workshop.
    4. Participate in a quiet study hall.

Seniors must fill out a Google form with their choice using the link by Friday, Sept. 25. Completing the form will allow for an excused absence that will not count against Senior Skip-A-Final. An incomplete form will result in an unexcused absence.