Q&A with Sophomore Nicole Dettmer on Modeling

Sophomore Nicole Dettmer poses for a photo while modeling. Dettmer said it is important to not give up when pursuing modeling.

Sarah Kim

Sophomore Nicole Dettmer gets ready to be photographed. Dettmer said that her favorite part about modeling is the artistic creativity. (Submitted Photo: David Dettmer)

How did you start out modeling? 

“I started out when I was 12 years old. My dad had a friend in Russia. I go to Russia quite regularly because my mom is Ukranian and a lot of my family is there. I ended up getting a good opportunity to model for this woman in Russia that has a jewelry and dress line. So I went to Russia over my usual summer vacation and I did some modeling for this woman, her name is Mila Vasilyeva. I did a pamphlet shoot for her so I am in a book that she presents to people when she is selling her clothes. So I was just presenting her new line and did a couple photoshoots. And then a year or two later, (Vasilyeva) came to Chicago and then we did a photoshoot in downtown Chicago for another one of her lines. I modeled for her a couple of times and that is how I got started.”


What is your favorite thing about modeling?

“I would say (my favorite thing is) just the artistic creativity of the pictures and the poses and also being able to express myself because I feel like lots of models are very picture-perfect and so body image is a huge thing for me. I would say I like to show people that not everyone is like the picture-perfect and skinny. I just like to promote body positivity. I think that is a really cool thing about modeling- just showing differentiation and creative expression.”


What is the most difficult thing about modeling?

“The most difficult thing would definitely be to not compare yourself to other people and trying to look perfect for the pictures and not feeling insecure because you definitely need that confidence.”


What inspires you as a model?

“Confidence inspires me as a model. It definitely feels very thrilling to get dressed up and have fun with it and show my fun, crazy side in pictures. Also, getting to know different people is really cool and it is really inspiring to see so many models around the world showing that positivity. It definity inspires me to spread more awareness to other people. I feel like a lot of high schoolers deal with comparing themselves to other girls and I feel that spreading that and letting everyone know ‘You’re beautiful no matter what’ is so important, especially in those high school years.”


How do you feel like modeling has impacted your life right now and how do you expect for it to impact you in the future?

“For right now, it is just a fun thing and I am not being too serious with it. I think that it is just more once in a while, but I would like to stick to it throughout my high school career. I am currently just focusing on my grades and my job. In the future, I am hopefully going to join a modeling agency but for now it is just taking opportunities once in a while.”


What advice would you give to someone wanting to start out modeling?

“I would tell them ‘Don’t give up.’ Unfortunately, in the reality of modeling, you are going to get some ‘no’s and it becomes discouraging but you need to put your head up and keep going on. I have definitely had my share of turn downs from agencies and it maybe affects you at the time but you really need to remember that it is okay and just because one person said no doesn’t mean someone else will recognize my potential. So I would definitely say keep motivated.”

Sophomore Nicole Dettmer models in ballet flats. Dettmer said she started out modeling while she was at ballet school in Russia. (Submitted Photo: David Dettmer)