Senior choir members prepare for final semester



From Dec. 2 to 6, all of  the CHS choirs gathered for their annual Holiday Spectacular event.  According to junior choir member Maggie O’Scanaill, this is their biggest event of the year.  For seniors, the event can be especially important, since it is the last Holiday Spec for them to participate in.  According to Samantha Hunter, senior and choir member, attending Holiday Spec made for a really special experience.

“It was a weird feeling, it’s been such a huge part of my high school experience and it didn’t feel possible that it was my last,” Hunter said. “I’ll definitely miss the feeling of spreading the holiday spirit with my closest friends. I won’t have anything like that next year.”

O’Scanaill agreed, and said she also feels like Holiday Spec will be very different in her senior year.

“I think for me, next year as a senior it will be really bittersweet.  It’s obviously really sad that it’ll be my last Holiday Spec, but it’s also very tiring so in the end I’ll just be happy with the memories I have,” O’Scanaill said.

One of the reasons why seniors feel such a connection to Holiday Spec is the participation of the community and the great deal of effort that is put into the show.  Hunter said this is the reason why Holiday Spec is the most important event for the choir members.

“I love how the community gets so involved and is so supportive of our show.  Most choral departments struggle to be recognized by even their school. It’s so rare to be somewhere that the whole town wants to come and see your show,” Hunter said.

O’Scanaill agreed and she said there are many great facets to Holiday Spec show that elevate it above a traditional high school’s choir concerts.

“It’s our biggest show of the year and not just our parents come to this one.  We spend so much time with all the other choirs because of rehearsals and really get to know all the other talent,” O’Scanaill said.

Throughout Hunter’s years at CHS, her annual performances in the Holiday Spec concerts gave her some of her most cherished memories that she will be able to carry with her for the rest of her life.  However, those weren’t the only great times she had as a part of choir.

Hunter said, “Last year we had to retake our competition photo for Accents. When we were done, our teacher kept us onstage. It was about an hour before the show started and we sang our pre-show pump song with one of my friends beatboxing.  It was a wonderful, spontaneous moment with my family of Accents.”