Jazz Ensemble prepares for Jazz a la Mode concerts from April 21 to 23


Mike Pote, Jazz Ensemble I director, leads Jazz Ensemble I in warm-up before a performance. According to Pote, the next concert for Jazz Ensemble will be Jazz a la Mode, a concert at CHS where the performance room is set up to look like a jazz nightclub and the audience eats pie with ice cream. PHOTO // KATIE LONG


After the Jazz Expressions concert on March 22, Mike Pote, Jazz Ensemble I director, said the four CHS jazz ensembles are currently preparing for the Jazz a la Mode concerts, which take place from April 21 to 23.

Jazz a la Mode is an annual series of concerts at CHS where the performance room is set up to look like a jazz nightclub. Additionally, according to Pote, the audience will have pie with ice cream, hence the inclusion of “a la Mode” in the title.

To prepare for the performances, Pote said all Jazz Ensemble students attend practices before school from 7 to 7:40 a.m.

“(The jazz bands) are rehearsing every morning,” Pote said. “They’re working really, really hard, so it’s going well.”

Xavier Searle, Jazz Ensemble I trumpet player and junior, said he looks forward to Jazz a la Mode each year because there are three performances.

“I’m excited for Jazz a la Mode because it’s three nights” Searle said. “The music is fun, the directors are nice, and of course, there’s pie.”