Results from DECA’s International Competition


Allen Zhang

“Earlier this week, 128 Carmel DECA students competed at DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Nashville, TN with over 17,000 students from around the world.  Simply making it to this international competition is a huge honor because there are over 218,000 students from around the world competing for a spot.  But for the second year in a row, our students did not just compete—they excelled on the international stage.  There are pictures of many finalists on our Twitter account, @carmeldeca, and even more will be added in the coming days if you are interested in seeing your students on the big stage.” -Chard Reid



o   Jessica Deady & Rachel Sorensen                                             Public Relations Project

o   Molly O’Connor                                                                                Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event



o   Miles Minnaar & Alisha Patel                                                      Buying & Merchandising Operations Research Event


  • TOP 10 IN THE WORLD (Actual placements will be released next week)

o   Shakeel Zia & Akshar Patel                                                           Learn and Earn Project

o   Julianna Merry, Kathryn Scott, & Isabelle Connell              Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event

o   Swetha Nakshatri & Sarah Tinaphong                                     Buying & Merchandising Operations Research Event

o   Aneesh Luthra & Grace Marchese                                            Independent Business Plan

o   Sydney Clark & Annie Kozak                                                        Community Service Project

o   Connor Barclay & Michael Okon                                                Hospitality & Tourism Team Decision Making Event

o   Alessandro Thielmann, Drew Tocci, Livermore                    International Business Plan


  • FINALISTS (Top 20 in the world)

o   Danny Anderson                                                                              Sports & Entertainment Operations Research Event

o   Brian Shaffer                                                                                      Accounting Series Event

o   Meredith Black                                                                                 Food Marketing Series Event

o   JD Arland                                                                                             Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series Event

o   Truman Henderson                                                                         Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan

o   Maddie Gantt                                                                                    Start-up Business Plan