Trump Trumps Clinton

Students and teachers react to the results of the 2016 presidential election

On the morning of Nov. 9, it was announced that Donald Trump is the new 2016-2020 president-elect.

U.S. History teacher, Gordon Copee, believed that this election, in particular, was different from previous elections because of the controversy behind both candidates.

Copee said, “I think this election was different from previous elections because people seem to be more divided. We had Donald Trump who was more on the far right in a lot ways and also Hillary Clinton, but I think a lot of the far left, liberal-leaning people voted for her in this election.”

Senior Delayna Pagan agrees with Copee in that this election was distinct from those that came before.

“I feel like this election is different (from previous ones) because this one had more controversy as far as everything that has come out with both Hillary and Donald, so I feel like this was a very bad election, and I wished we had better candidates,” said Pagan.

Despite the outcome, Copee felt if Clinton was to become the presidential elect, it would be a monumental occasion in history, not only because she would become the first female president, but also her ability to influence and inspire the younger generations of women.

Copee said, “I feel like Hillary’s administration would be a great inspiration to young women everywhere with her being the first female president. I don’t think you can underestimate how positive of an impact on future young generations of women across the country her presidency would have.”

In a September study conducted by PewResearch, it was reported that voter satisfaction in the candidates had fallen to the point that only third of registered voters said they are very or fairly satisfied with the choices, while 63 percent say they are not too or not at all satisfied.

“You had two completely inept candidates whose entire campaign was spent trying to show how the other was more inept than the other one was, all at the same time, trying to hide their own ineptitude. Hillary Clinton gets blamed for deleting emails, while the Trump foundation did a similar thing in violating court orders,” junior Nick Carson said.

Junior Alexis OBrien was also disappointed in the result of Trump assuming the presidency.

“I think it’s sad that this morning, mothers had to explain to their daughters that a man who insults and disrespects women, is now the president,” OBrien said. “And this morning, mothers with disabled children had to explain to them that a man who disrespects disable people, is now the president. And mothers who are trying to support an ethnic minority family, have to tell their children that a man who wants to deport the minorities, is now the president. It makes me sick.”