French Club will likely cancel cooking class

Alexis O’Brien, vice president and senior, explains the situation of interest in French Club. She said one thing to improve for next year is organization in terms of who is participating in which events.

Daniel Lee

March 27, 2018

French Club officers have recently been planning a cooking class with Chef Sentissi, a Moroccan chef, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll. However, due to a lack of interest, French Club will likely have to cancel the cooking class. “We haven’t really talked about doing much for the cooking class la...

In Close Quarters: CHS students, administration reflect on recent events, future safety regulations

Sergeant Phil Hobson and Assistant Principal Amy Skeens-Benton observe the freshman cafeteria during lunch. According to Skeens-Benton, it is important for students to understand administration is always looking out for the students.

Raphael Li, Manahil Nadeem

March 23, 2018

A knife. Multiple fights. Threats. Rumors. These are words that could be used to describe the month of February, which was plagued with an unfortunate series of events, leading to two arrests and two public video announcements, and several press releases to the community. These events, along with the te...

French Club to have a cooking class

Former president and senior Alexis O’Brien hands out plates during a French Club meeting. She said she was too busy to fulfill her role as French Club president, leaving senior Kelly Xiang to fill her place.

Daniel Lee

March 6, 2018

For March, French Club is looking to expand their cultural knowledge of French culture through cooking Moroccan food, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll. Carroll said, “We’re trying to get in contact with Chef Sentissi, a Moroccan chef from downtown. He runs the Saffron Cafe, and we’re trying to p...

French Club to plan events for March after Le Congrés

French Club sponsor Lisa Carroll gives a rundown of last week’s events at Le Congrés. She said, “As a school, we had 17 different students place, and 41 awards overall. We had around 17 first places and 12 second places.”

Daniel Lee

February 14, 2018

After last Saturday’s competition, Le Congrés, French Club will take a break and begin to plan for future events. According to Alexis O’Brien, the next French Club meeting and planning session will be on March 1. At the meeting they will discuss potential events to attend for the rest of the school...

French Club to compete at Le Congrés

Daniel Lee

January 23, 2018

French Club will compete at Le Congrés, a competition scheduled on Feb. 10, at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School. According to sponsor Lisa Carroll, French Club has attended Le Congrés in previous years, and she hopes for another year of results and great learning. Carroll said, “It’s a compe...

French Club to have a Christmas party

Daniel Lee

December 5, 2017

French Club will have an annual Christmas party in Room A223. Officers will release information regarding the party to members during their meeting on Dec. 7, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll. Carroll said, “The Christmas party really depends on the officers and what they want to do. Some years we’...

French Club to celebrate Christmas

President and senior Alexis O’Brien explains what Christmas means to French people. She said she has high hopes for the annual Christmas party.

Daniel Lee,

November 14, 2017

French Club will celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways this December. According to sponsor Lisa Carroll, the party will be at Room A223, but officers have not yet determined the date for the Christmas party. President and senior Alexis O’Brien said members will follow traditions of gift giving fro...

Students at CHS disagree with Trump’s former executive order

On Jan. 29, junior Alexis O’Brien went to a Trump protest at the Indianapolis International Airport to protest against the president’s executive order to temporarily ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. O’Brien made a sign saying “We Love You,” in Arabic, French and English. She said that she doesn’t support Trump’s order because not all immigrants are terrorists and because the issue blocked some Americans who were returning back to the US from one of those countries.

Allison Li, Beats Editor

February 21, 2017

Junior Alexis O’Brien   Did you agree with Trump’s decision? Can you see where he’s coming from? Not at all. I don't agree with Trump’s policies. I agree that vetting could be a little stronger but that was extreme and I know plenty of people from those countries who aren...

Trump Trumps Clinton

Trump Trumps Clinton

Allison Li, Beats Editor

November 10, 2016

On the morning of Nov. 9, it was announced that Donald Trump is the new 2016-2020 president-elect. U.S. History teacher, Gordon Copee, believed that this election, in particular, was different from previous elections because of the controversy behind both candidates. Copee said, “I think this...