Project Sunshine’s Callout Meeting is Approaching


Hannah Bromm and Nyssa Qiao, Project Sunshine co-presidents and seniors inform members on what the club will consist of.​

Julianna Kessilyas, Social Media Editor

According to Hannah Bromm, co-president and senior, Project Sunshine is still scheduled to have its first meeting of the year on Sept. 21 after school until 4 p.m. in the first floor freshman LGI room. During the meeting the club officers will discuss information regarding the club as well as have the students sign up for the club.

“I think members like me who’ve been in the club since their freshmen year like coming back each year because the club is genuinely fun to be in,” Lupe Cruz, Project Sunshine member and senior, said.

With that in mind, sponsor Allyson Wells-Podell said Project Sunshine continues to grow each year meaning the club can have a greater impact in our community.