Creative Writing Club to Hold Care to Share


Creative Writing Club member Mackenzie Gonzales begins writing her warm up writing piece of the day. While doing so, she enjoys one of her favorite writing snacks: goldfish.

Hannah Glazier

“At our meeting we’re going to be doing care to share, where we basically all just share our writing,” said club leader and senior Kylie Gardner. “Hopefully, club members will start to feel more comfortable sharing with the group.”

This meeting will also feature the leadership of newly elected junior Maya Henderson. At the last meeting, the club elected Henderson to serve as the third officer on the club’s leadership team.

“The leadership team organizes the events for each meeting, and then runs each meeting. This year they have done a great job in making everyone feel comfortable sharing their work out loud,” said club sponsor Danielle Johnson.

According to Gardner, in addition to increasing the number of “Care to Shares,” she hopes to increase consistent attendance. To do this, Gardner intends to create a food schedule in efforts to increase accountability.