Intramural to host call-out meeting


Senior Ian Samir eats lunch with his friends. Samir said, “I'm really happy about intramurals. It lets me play basketball with my friends."

Raphael Li

Intramural club leaders are hosting a call-out meeting on Oct. 18.

According to Mike Meyer, intramural director, the call-out meeting is Room A202 and will meet immediately after school until the late bus.

“The goal is to get the kids involved. The reason we did three players on each side was because for some kids it’s easier to get two other kids than four other kids, and we are trying to build off of the summer hype of the BIG3 tournament that the former NBA players did,” Meyer said.

Mike Meyer said he wants to incorporate more sports into the club this year, but a lot of sports don’t get enough players for the sport to work.

“Literally everything that we’ve ever tried except maybe football for one season and we had a dodgeball thing going once has fallen flat,” Meyer said.

Ian Samir, intramural basketball player and senior,  said he thinks it’s sad that many sports do not have enough players to succeed.

“Sometimes I wish there were more sports but I know that many sports don’t have the popularity to be successful,” Samir said.

Nevertheless, Samir said he is excited for this year’s basketball season.

“I feel really good about my team this year,” Samir said. “It’s going to be a fun season.”