Mock Trial Club holds tryouts for the 2019-2020 season

Ally Richey October 8, 2019

The Mock Trial Club call-out meeting was Oct. 8 and continues to hold tryouts on Wednesdays. Mock Trial is a team of ten students that organize a case, then throughout the second semester, the team competes...

Mock Trial Club to host call-out meeting Sept. 18

Ally Richey September 18, 2019

The Mock Trial call-out meeting will take place on Sept. 18 after school. The Mock Trial club consists of a team of ten students that come together and roleplay as attorneys, witnesses, and other...

 TechHOUNDS leaders greet new members and discuss team expectations at the callout meeting on Sept. 13.

TechHOUNDS to meet on Thursdays, discuss divisions of team

James Yin September 18, 2018

TechHOUNDS will have meetings each Thursday from 3:15 to 5:00 after school in the main cafeteria. Zachary Bonewit, head coach of TechHOUNDS and engineering teacher, said the upcoming meetings on Sept....

Derek Fronek, Robotics Design Lead and senior, reviews AP Computer Science notes. He said building a new team after the successful result from last year was very exciting.

TechHOUNDS to have callout meeting on Sept. 13

James Yin September 10, 2018

TechHOUNDS will have a callout meeting on Sept. 13 in the main cafeteria at 3:20 p.m. Derek Fronek, Robotics Design Lead and senior, said anyone interested in robotics and technology was encouraged to...

Senior Joey Schmidt makes a drink for a customer in the Carmel Café during SRT. Schmidt said,

DECA to have call-out meeting Sept. 11, 13

Natalie Khamis September 9, 2018

DECA will have its call-out meeting on Sept. 11 and 13 during SRT in the auditorium balcony. The call-out meeting is only for students who are not enrolled in a business course this school year and are...

Club member Hannah Na works on homework during SRT. The Design for CHS call-out meeting is on Sept. 12

Design for CHS to have call-out meeting

Kris Otten September 4, 2018

Design for CHS is a club based around volunteering in the community. They will have their call-out meeting on Sept. 12. According to club member Hannah Na, veteran members have already started planning...

Katelyn Wang, speech team member and sophomore, works on a powerpoint for the speech team call-out meeting. Wang began her high school speech team career just last year and said she loved the environment within this club. She said “[Speech team] is a nice place to get out of your shell because, generally, people are really nice. It’s also a really great place to learn life skills because no matter what you’re going into, you’re going to have to stand up and speak.”

Speech team call-out meeting scheduled for Sept. 6

Isabella White September 4, 2018

Speech team sponsor Jacleen Joiner said the call-out meeting for this year’s speech team will be on Sept. 6 in room E149.  Katelyn Wang, speech team member and sophomore, said practice will begin one...

Senior Ian Samir eats lunch with his friends. Samir said, “I'm really happy about intramurals. It lets me play basketball with my friends.

Intramural to host call-out meeting

Raphael Li October 18, 2017

Intramural club leaders are hosting a call-out meeting on Oct. 18. According to Mike Meyer, intramural director, the call-out meeting is Room A202 and will meet immediately after school until the late...

Anna Li-Harezlak, president of Share the Music Club, reviews notes from the past meeting regarding homecoming and club meeting dates.

Share the Music meeting on Sept. 19, venue on Sept. 16

James Yin September 13, 2017

Share the Music will have its call-out meeting Sept. 19 and its next venue on Sept. 16. Anna Li-Harezlak, president of Share the Music and senior, said that plans for homecoming have been finalized. “For...

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