Share the Music meeting on Sept. 19, venue on Sept. 16


Anna Li-Harezlak, president of Share the Music Club, reviews notes from the past meeting regarding homecoming and club meeting dates.

James Yin

Share the Music will have its call-out meeting Sept. 19 and its next venue on Sept. 16. Anna Li-Harezlak, president of Share the Music and senior, said that plans for homecoming have been finalized.
“For homecoming, we’re sort of gonna have a miniature instrument petting zoo” Li-Harezlak said. “We’re gonna have someone bring in a keyboard, a ukulele, guitar, melodica, all sorts of different instruments.”

Maggie Hite, Share the Music sponsor and performing arts teacher, said the attraction will also involve school performing arts groups.

Hite said, “I think the plan is to have students reach out to orchestra and band and choir and then there was some discussion about trying to reach out to our theatre division as well.”