Design for CHS to have call-out meeting


Club member Hannah Na works on homework during SRT. The Design for CHS call-out meeting is on Sept. 12

Kris Otten

Design for CHS is a club based around volunteering in the community. They will have their call-out meeting on Sept. 12.

According to club member Hannah Na, veteran members have already started planning more events for this year.

“We’re planning on volunteering at the Humane Society on Saturdays,” Na said.

According to club sponsor Laura Moore, in the past, Design for CHS has mainly focused on the Street Store project, but this year Moore and Na both hope that the club will be able to diversify and conduct other projects as well as the Street Store.

“I’d like to see them branch out and have ownership of some new projects and bring some new ideas to Design for CHS,” Moore said.

According to Moore, Design for CHS is a great club to join for students that want to get more involved in the community. She also said that it is different from many other clubs based around volunteering because it is mainly student driven.

“[The students] simply come up with the ideas and then it is facilitated by the adult so I think that that is what’s different about this club as opposed to other clubs,” Moore said. By Kris Otten