DECA to have call-out meeting Sept. 11, 13


Senior Joey Schmidt makes a drink for a customer in the Carmel Café during SRT. Schmidt said, “I like working in the Carmel Café because I get to interact with new people every day and to work towards something that helps the school.”

Natalie Khamis

DECA will have its call-out meeting on Sept. 11 and 13 during SRT in the auditorium balcony. The call-out meeting is only for students who are not enrolled in a business course this school year and are interested in joining the club.

Reagan Markland, DECA executive vice president and senior, said DECA officers will introduce a new requirement for members during the SRT sessions.

“In the past, we did DECA hours which became kind of complicated as we tried to balance completing learning hours and service hours,” Markland said. “This year to simplify things, we are creating a points system. Students need 20 points by the end of the year which can be attained by volunteering or attending events.”

Chard Reid, DECA advisor and business teacher, said his goal for the upcoming season is to prepare students to do their best at each competition and event.

“We always want to prepare our students to excel in whatever concentration of business they choose for the competitive event,” Reid said. “Last year we had 50 students make it to the finals and 15 students make Top 3 in the world so it would be cool to see that level of success again this school year.” By Natalie Khamis