Mock Trial Club to host call-out meeting Sept. 18

Ally Richey

The Mock Trial call-out meeting will take place on Sept. 18 after school.
The Mock Trial club consists of a team of ten students that come together and roleplay as attorneys, witnesses, and other law roles.
The team meets on Mondays and receives the case they will be competing with for the week of Oct. 20. The team role-plays their part and memorizes it for the mock trial at the Hamilton County courthouse for the week of Oct. 20.
During the mock trial, they will be role-playing it in front of a real judge or an attorney acting as a judge.
According to the club’s sponsor Robert Browning, this club focuses on the “real maturing process, and more particularly the comradery and the growth of putting yourself out there.”
The club also “teaches a variety of skill sets, and they’ll learn analytical and critical thinking,” Browning says.
Browning also says the club is also a good way to explore and have fun with new people on the team.
During the practices, there are two other adults, both who are real attorneys and friends of Browning, who help with advising.
Browning says, “I encourage people to come out because it is very real life and it’s a great way to get out and explore.”