K-8 mentors to start meeting with their young students

Da-Hyun Hong, Reporter

The mentors will begin meeting and mentoring the young students from Carmel elementary and middle schools this week. According to K-8 mentoring teacher Robin Pletcher, the mentors spent the past week visiting the 14 schools where school counselors gave them a tour and explained the rules and procedures for them.

Pletcher said for the past two months, the class has been going through a training session to help them learn the responsibilities of a mentor.

“We look at not just giving someone advice, but kind of talking through a process so that you can come up with your own answer and your own decision. So that you have your own responsibility for your own actions,” she said.

Mentor and senior Breana Davis said she is excited yet nervous to meet her assigned mentorees.

She said, “I think the first day is going to be a little nervous trying to figure out just the type of relationship you’re going to have with them and learning more about them. Then using that to create a better relationship.”