HiLite Baking Contest: HiLite invites readers to the second annual baking contest

Raiha Zainab

Calling all bakers with a holiday recipe tradition worth sharing…

HiLite’s second family traditions holiday baking contest

All submissions due NOVEMBER 20. Enter for a chance to be featured in the December issue of the HiLite in Student Section. Open to staff as well!Enter to win a special prize!

STEP 1:  Find your favorite recipe (for a dessert type item) that your family traditionally makes for the holidays.

STEP 2: Bake it, being sure to make it as tasty AND visually appealing as possible.

STEP 3: Make sure to include all these things in your entree (write them legibly or type them on a piece of paper and attach to your dish or container)


  • Your name, grade, cell phone number, and email
  • The recipe for your submission
  • Tell us why the recipe you made is significant to you and your family. A few sentences is fine!


STEP 4: Turn in your goodies to C147 (aka HiLite headquarters) before school on Nov. 20. If your submission is in a non-disposable container, containers will be saved and you can pick them up at the end of the day.