Senate Continues to Work on Care to Share

Kalea Miao, Reporter

  According to Senator and senior Dalton Thompson, about 100 SRT classes have signed up for Care to Share, resulting in about 56 total people being sponsored. SRT classes should have gifts ready for collection by Nov. 19, Thompson said.
            “The majority of people requested three to 10 year olds, and we’ll try to accommodate that as much as we can,” Thompson said. “We had a lot of requests for zero to two years old. A few people requested adults, but usually the kids are more popular.”
            According to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and economics teacher, this year, Senate lowered the highest contribution level from $300 to $200 with the hope of involving more people. Although Senate not seen an increase in participation with this new limit, Foutz said the group isn’t discouraged.
            “It’s not about trying to reach a monetary goal or a certain number of people,” Foutz said. “We just want to provide an opportunity for those that want to help out families for the holidays.”
            Beyond Care to Share, Senate is also planning for Education Support Professional’s Day on Nov. 15, Senator and senior Tess Nihill said. Education support professionals include instructional assistants, computer technicians, interpreters, AVID tutors and more, Nihill said.
            “We are baking cookies and then putting them out in the library,” Nihill said.