Senate Plans for Care to Share Presents Delivery

Kalea Miao

According to student body president Ben Goldberg, Senate is currently working on collecting gifts from SRT classes for Care to Share. Goldberg said SRT classes have received their assignments and will be giving the gifts to Senate during SRT today and Wednesday.
            “For Care to Share, we are in the gift collection phase where all SRTs have their assignments, know what they’re supposed to get, and now…SRTs are coming by in like a stream and dropping of their gifts,” Goldberg said. “Then (on) December 18th, we go down to the church in Indianapolis and give the gifts to the people, have a great time, stuff like that.”
            In addition to Care to Share, Senate is also planning for the winter dance, according to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and economics teacher. Foutz said that along with Care to Share, the winter dance is one of the biggest priorities that Senate has during second semester.
            Goldberg said he agreed. Currently, Senate just agreed on a theme and will be planning to release a video promoting the event.
            “The theme has not been officially announced yet, but we are working on the video for (the dance) right now and we’re trying to get that done before the end of this semester,” Goldberg said.