Giving Back. Donating to others is important all year round, not just during holiday season.


HiLite staff

Care to Share, the annual holiday fundraiser sponsored by the student senate, starts in November and ends right before finals week. Senate assigns the SRTs a goal value of money raised and collect funds throughout the entire month. SRTs then use money to buy gifts such as clothes and toys for people in need. In the end, students take the gifts back to school, and the Senate distributes them to local people just in time for the holidays.

During the holiday season, it’s common for students to be encouraged to participate in these fundraisers and give to the community. However, while fundraisers like Care to Share enjoy huge success, other efforts later in the school year often fail to garner as much enthusiasm and response.

Why? The answer lies with timing.

 People often feel more thankful and obligated to give back during the Christmas holiday season, which starts right after Thanksgiving. We reflect on our own general well-being as the year comes to a close, and as a result, we are reminded of families who are less fortunate. Thus, we feel a bigger urge to contribute during the festive season.

And that’s not a bad thing; in fact, it is most definitely encouraged. The problem is that the holiday season isn’t the only time we should give. Just because we think of those who are fortunate during Christmas time doesn’t mean they are less fortunate only during Christmas. Giving back should be a year-round activity.

As 2017 comes to a close, the HiLite staff encourages students to think about not only what they’ve done these past few months, but what they’ve done this whole year. Don’t forget about fundraisers at other times of the year as the need is still great during months other than November and December. No matter the time of year or event, students should always be open to giving back to their community.