Music Discovery: With increasing popularization of music streaming apps, according to recent Time magazine article, where do CHS students go to find their music?

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Where do you go to find your music?

Junior Laney McNamar

“I listen to the radio a lot and if I hear a song I like I write it down or make a mental note of it or sometimes if I’m listening to Spotify it will recommend me some new music and I’ll listen to that.”

Junior Sarim Hassan

“Friends and social media help me find new music to listen to. I like to use Apple Music because it’s easy to use.”

Senior Alyssa Easton

“I find music from listening to the radio and what my friends are listening to. I also browse Apple Music.”

Junior Jayna Brown

“I go into the recommended section in Spotify and I add it to my playlist.”

Senior Christian Rivera

“I play Pandora and just see what songs come up.”

Junior Sydney Hargis

“I steal music from my friends’ playlists; they share their music with me on Apple Music.”


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