K-8 Mentors continue to meet with assigned mentees


Mentor and Senior Emily Klotz works during SRT. According to Klotz. she is excited to continue building a relationship with her mentees, and she said she sees the opportunity as a way to learn more about how to work with children, a career she sees herself doing.

Da-Hyun Hong

K-8 mentors continue to meet with their assigned mentees every Gold Day during third block. The mentors drive out to multiple Carmel elementary and middle schools to mentor a few different children. According to Robin Pletcher, K-8 Mentoring and AP Psychology teacher, these two different courses are related to one another.
“Psychology is dealing with people and interacting with people and how a person works and interprets things and how they develop,” she said. “In psychology we have a chapter on child development and these are teenagers working with children so a lot of that interaction and helping understanding people is a part of psychology.”
Mentor and senior Emily Klotz said she looks forward to building a strong relationship with her mentees.
She said, “I just hope to really connect with my kids more and get to know them more than I already do and be able to make an impact and be a friend for them.”