The math department prepares to administer second round of ISTEP testing on April 16


Math Club president Joey Heerens works on his computer. He said the math department has done well this year.

The math department has finished the first round of ISTEP testing, according to math department chairperson Jacinda Sohalski. She said the department is now preparing for the second round of testing.

“We just finished the first round of ISTEPs,” Sohalski said. “Now, we are gearing up for the second round. We just did our practice tests and we will have our second round of ISTEPs starting April 16th.”

Sohalski also said the teachers are working to get ready for the end of the school year. She said the teacher teams have been working on their final exams and, for AP courses, trying to finish up the material to get students ready for the AP exams.

Joey Heerens, Math Club president and junior, said he is optimistic for the rest of this semester. Heerens said, “I think the math department was very good last year, and I believe they will be better in the upcoming school year.”