House and Cabinet meetings rearranged to accommodate COVID-19 regulations

Tessa Collinson

Due to social distancing and other measures in place due to COVID-19, House will now meet only once a month, while Cabinet meetings will now have a limited number of people.

“Due to the number of people, House meets during (SSRT). In previous years House would meet every late start week during (SSRT), but now with the irregularity in the schedule House is planning to meet about once a month,” speaker of the House Drew Miller said via email. “Whereas Cabinet has and continues to meet every (SSRT). Being a Cabinet member is about four to five times the amount of work a House member puts in, so it is necessary that we are meeting periodically to stay productive.”

According to Miller, House now meets virtually. While previously the speaker of the House would talk to members of the House, followed by Cabinet members talking to specific groups in the House. Now, Cabinet members directly send information to House members, rather than through the speaker of the House.

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said while Cabinet still meets in SSRT, they are divided into groups due to the cohorts. Despite this divide, she said, “We still have many activities being planned for the school year with social distancing and safety in mind.”

Miller said all House and Cabinet events are still scheduled to happen and they are planning as such. He said, “We are still working with the school to finalize all of the social distancing details, but fall events such as FT5K are happening soon.”