Superintendent in the midst of a “listening tour”, excited for CHS’ future


Carmel Clay Schools Superintendent, Michael Beresford prepares for the upcoming school year. Beresford has been very impressed by the high level of professionalism at CHS.

Misha Rekhter

The new Carmel Clay Schools district superintendent, Michael Beresford, is visiting schools around the district in order to gain a better understanding of how things are run. According to Beresford, he has a lot to learn from Carmel Clay schools and does not want to interfere with the tradition of excellence in the Carmel community.

“I’ve been impressed by everything. There’s a lot of good things going on in Carmel Clay Schools,” Beresford said.

In particular, Beresford said he was intrigued and impressed by the GKOM system at CHS. Beresford completed his doctorate on the transition between eighth grade and freshman year and said the CHS freshman mentoring program utilizes many of the tactics he has found to be successful. According to Beresford, having seniors and interact with freshmen helps to decrease dropout rates and makes everyone feel welcome.

“The whole GKOM experience was just incredible,” Beresford said.

Moreover, Beresford was a proponent of the “Culture of Care” program that was instituted at CHS last year and wants to see the program continue to gain traction at CHS. Beresford also said he wanted the program to grow by adding two way communication to the anonymous alert system.

“Two way communication would help allow students to make CHS a safer place. If administrators and students can have open dialogue about dangerous situations, it will help to diffuse those situations much faster,” Beresford said.

Senior Matthew Ohrn said, “Culture of Care is a great start. I hope CHS decides to continue with and expand the program.”

Overall, Beresford said he was thrilled to be the new superintendent of the Carmel Clay Schools District.

“I’ve worked my entire life in schools. I’ve loved all of it. I’ve loved being a coach. I’ve loved being a teacher. I’ve loved being a school counselor. I’ve loved being an assistant principal. I’ve loved being a principle. I’ve loved being an assistant superintendent, but I’m ready for the next level. I’m thrilled to be superintendent and I plan to stay in this position for a long time,” Beresford said.  By Misha Rekhter