Science department discuss future plans for school year

Nathan Huang

The Science department is having their next meeting on Oct. 3. They will talk about future plans to change curriculum to better the science classrooms of CHS. But as the year starts up, they have many new ideas to help encourage students to pursue science, as most all of the science teachers agree that science is a vital part of a daily life at CHS.

Science department chair Jennifer Drudge said, “I think that if we were given more funding, I think that being able to take students on field trips and getting them out to more real life applications could be beneficial to students. We also could always use more equipment in the classrooms. But I really think about tying in that real-life application stuff through more funding.”

Freshman Ethan Stoehr, said that he thinks that science classes at CHS are not very intuitive.

“I love science in general, and the teachers are really fun, but most my classes are mostly just memorizing formulas and sitting in a desk the entire time, which makes science a little less fun,” Stoehr said.

Drudge said that science is overall a very important part of daily life at CHS, and life during and after college for every student everywhere.

“I think the regardless of whether students are going into science after high school or not, science is a great tool to help students think and be successful in anything they are going to go into, and it really help us make sense of what’s happening in the world,” Drudge said.

By Nathan Huang