Men’s soccer focuses on defense in Sectional game against Pike High School

Uday Lomada

 After a successful regular season and a close game with Pike High School only two weeks earlier, the CHS Men’s soccer team readies up for the state season in their first sectionals match.

           “We had played (Pike High School) earlier in the season and they had scored a late goal on us in the counter attack,” Shane Schmidt, head coach and English teacher said. “In all honesty though, we did a good job denying opportunities from Pike until that point.”

“I’m nervous about this game since we are playing Pike at Pike High School, but the team seems pretty ready for this,” Brody Sullivan, team captain and senior said. “I think that we are more ready this time around since we won’t underestimate Pike again and won’t make the same mistakes in defense that we did last time.”

Schmidt said, “We are a good team. We need to make sure that we come mentally ready to play them. As long as we do what we do best, I think that we’ll take care of business and move on take on the winner of Brebeuf and Westfield.”