Champions Together to host Unified Bocce State Championship Oct. 20


Emily Elzinga, Champions Together co-president and senior, talks to member and senior Bailey Inglis about the upcoming bocce tournament on Oct. 20. Elzinga said the club is trying to get more athletes for the tournament because they only have 12 at the moment.

Angela Qian

Champions Together will host the Unified Bocce State Championship on Oct. 20 at Murray Stadium. According to co-president and senior Emily Elzinga, the tournament will start around 10 am.

She said, “This is the statewide tournament, so there are a bunch of teams coming.”

Elzinga said the teams will be divided into pools to play each other. Their performances will determine the seeding for the rest of the tournament. The elimination portion of the tournament begins afterward, in which teams who win will advance, while teams who lose will be eliminated.

“It’s open to anyone (to watch),” Elzinga said. “There’s no admission fee. Mostly, it’s just parents who watch and best buddies of the athletes on the teams, but it’s a really fun event, and people get really into it.”

In other news, the club added lacrosse as a sport this year.

Co-sponsor Bruce Wolf said, “We finally are recognizing lacrosse as part of our program, and I’m laughing because I just completely forgot about them. I feel bad about that.”

According to Elzinga, the club is working on including members from all sports around the school, and the addition of lacrosse has helped with that.

Elzinga encouraged attending the upcoming events.

She said, “It’ll be a fun time.” By Angela Qian