Science department reflects on classes

Nathan Huang

The science department is planning ideas to help students develop a early love of science, as well as developing new ways to learn. A lot of their past PLC meetings have been focused on adapting methods of learning so that students really understand the science, as they feel that one of the things they do best is change and reflect on classes.

Science department chair Jennifer Drudge says that they have many new learning methods to apply in the classroom.

“A lot of the meetings right now have been focused on phenomena in science and using phenomena to engage students into scientific thinking and then taking that phenomena and combining it with best practices in the classroom, and specifically science and engineering practices to get our kids to not just know science but to do science and to be scientists.”

Junior Ethan Nie, said that science is definitely more interesting this year.

“Um… well science is a lot more fun this year. I mean, today we went outside for science and we got to see the science concepts firsthand. It really got me thinking how amazing it was that those things happened.”

Drudge said that science at CHS can be challenging at times, but there is are always a fair chance given for students to succeed.

“Yeah, I think that from both the standpoint that we offer a lot of different levels of courses and also I think that our curriculum is challenging but accessible to students and not everyone meets those exactly standards at the same time but I think that opportunities are provided for students to meet those expectations.”