New anonymous alert mobile app to be implemented in coming months


During a school board meeting on Sept. 24., the board discusses strengths and areas of improvement to the Carmel Clay Schools district. Superintendent Michael Beresford earlier spoke about his positive experiences with visiting CHS as an effective school.

Sam Shi

To improve the security and safety of the school, School board president Layla Spanenberg said a new online app will be released in the coming months to send anonymous alerts. Similar to the anonymous alerts system on myCCS, these alerts will allow students to report any harmful behavior to CHS administrators.

Spanenberg said this app will be downloadable on mobile devices and be user friendly.

“(This is) absolutely (important) because online accessibility and mobile accessibility will make (anonymous alerts) very easy to access, because students always have their phones,” Spanenberg said.

Senior Mayil Bhat said CHS’ security is adequate to keep students safe.

“Honestly, they have the parking permit now, so that’s good,” Bhat said. “(Administrators) always check your ID whether you are coming in or out (of CHS), and they just don’t let anyone in, and they have the visitor pass, so I think (CHS) is pretty safe.”

On Sept. 11, the Indiana School Board Association met to decide ten pieces of legislation as priorities to be implemented. The school board will meet on Oct. 22 to agree on which of these ten pieces of legislation are priorities for the Carmel Clay Schools district. Spanenberg said the board will then communicate these legislative priorities to lawmakers, which will most likely include increasing school finance.