Academic Super Bowl to announce team captains

Cady Armstrong

As the Academic Super bowl wraps up the remaining captain interviews, the club plans to announce its team captains this Thursday.

According to James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor and social studies teacher, the club plans to hold a meeting after school on Nov.1 to announce captains and form the subject teams.

“At the meeting on Thursday, we will announce the five team captains and organize everyone into the subject teams to start to divide and conquer the study guide and outline,” he said.

Ziegler said once subject teams are made, they can then begin to move forward with its season and hold individual team meetings.

Ayaan Abbasi, member of the Academic Super Bowl and freshman, said he’s ready for the captains to be revealed.

Abbasi said, “I’m excited to know so we can get the season started. I know all the candidates are qualified and I know anyone elected will be a good fit […] I hope I can learn from them.”