Indiana School Nutrition Association Conference has been scheduled for Nov. 8 to 10

Andrew Caito

The Indiana School Nutrition Association Conference is scheduled to be held Nov. 8 to 10.  Held at Marriott Indianapolis East, the Indiana School Nutrition Conference is a chance for new menu changes and food opportunities for students. This is a three-day event that is a  important conference for Indiana schools. Business come and try to sell their foods so it can be sold and eaten in schools.

“One part that really relates to the kids is the expo, there are new products so we’re constantly looking for new things just like the burger, there will be things like a Smart Mouth pizza that we found there in years past. We usually find breakfast items, snack items, or even main entree items that are better than what we have now,” Holly Huepenbecker-Hull, CHS food service manager,  said.

On Dec. 5, the holiday meal for Christmas and Thanksgiving will  take place, with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry jello, and pumpkin pie on the menu.

Freshman Drew Valdez said, “This is by far my favorite meal of the year. It’s just so good for some reason- some years better than my own home’s thanksgiving.”