Greyhound Connections Hosts New Student Breakfast

Armaan Goel

Greyhound Connections, a club helping sophomores, juniors and seniors new to CHS adjust to the school, is hosting a new student breakfast this Wednesday, during Late Start.

“(This) Wednesday, its a late start on Halloween, we are doing a breakfast,” Jackson Adams, Greyhound Connections president and senior, said.

This is an event for new students and club members to eat breakfast, play games and socialize.

Besides the breakfast, Greyhound Connections members are also continuing their regular visits with new students.

“We’ve just been making our normal visits every three or four weeks,” Adams said, “just making sure everything is going well, making sure their first quarter grades are going well and they are joining clubs.”

Greyhound Connections sponsor Joe Stuelpe said he defers all club responsibilities to student presidents.