K-8 mentors start building relationships with students at Carmel elementary and middle schools


Michelle Hong

Mentor and senior Caroline Crediford studies during SRT before going out to meet her mentees during third period. According to K-8 Mentoring teacher Robin Pletcher, the mentors met their kids for the first time last week.

Da-Hyun Hong

Last week, the mentors met their assigned students for the first time, according to Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher. She said with teachers discussing next year’s course recommendations, she is trying to encourage students to join K-8 Mentoring.

“I know I spent time talking to all of my classes about the program and trying to generate some interest as we look at counselors who start meeting with students to schedule classes for next year,” she said. “Just getting kids aware of the program so that we will have an interest for next year’s class already.”

On the other hand, Caroline Crediford, first-time mentor and senior, said she heard of the program from a friend.

She said, “(I hope to) just be able to build relationships and to help someone that’s younger than me and be able to be someone they can look up to.”